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Dinah Davis
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Sutter Hearing Aid Center Inc.

2087 Grand Canal Blvd, Suite #9
Stockton, CA 95207

Phone: 209-466-2443
Fax: 209-466-2124
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Client Testimonials:

Dear Dinah:

I can’t believe the difference in my hearing, and my increased efficiency at work since I purchased the new electronic Starkey Hearing aids with the additional advantage of the Surf Link electronic control system!

I am hearing things I haven’t heard since I was a child, and I have gotten numerous compliments from my co-workers on my increased ability to communicate with them. The Surf Link controller is a fantastic addition to the hearing aids themselves since I am able to move it into locations during meetings for better hearing quality, and increase the volume for those times when I cannot sit close to the presenter of a presentation.

My favorite feature of all is the Blue Tooth capability which allows me to hear phone conversations directly from my hearing aids. With the Surf Link, I am able to have hands free, safe phone conversations in any vehicle that I drive.

I am extremely happy with the fantastic service and technical support that I have received from Sutter Hearing Aid.


Gary Fagilde

Dinah Davis

Hearing Instrument Specialist