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Audiometric Evaluations: Adults
A basic hearing evaluation consists of a series of test to determine the sensitivity of hearing for a wide range of frequencies or tones and for speech. The tests are conducted in a sound booth designed to reduce background noise.

Hearing Aids
If a hearing loss is diagnosed, a review of appropriate types and styles of hearing aids are discussed. We offer a wide selection of hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers. We will work with you to find the best solution for your hearing healthcare needs within your budget.  

hearing aids

Hearing aid Warranty
We clean and check your hearing aid, replace components such as tubing, battery doors, wax guards, ear hooks, filters and other items. When a hearing aid cannot be repaired in our office, we will send it to the manufacturer for you and provide a loaner. Hearing aids can be cleaned and checked at any time. No appointment is usually necessary unless adjustments to the hearing aids, including programming, are requested.

Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive listening devices are available for demonstration as well as purchase to be used with hearing aids. Television, phone, radio, iPod, iPad, computer and theater systems can be now picked up right through your hearing aid.

assisted listening devices

We offer custom earplugs for cell phone use, musicians, hunters, race car fans and anyone else who is exposed to noise either recreationally or occupationally. We also offer special earplugs in a variety of colors  for swimmers or those who must keep water out of their ears.

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Electronic Shooter Protection
ESP’s custom-fit electronic hearing protection gives you a tactical and competitive advantage.


Repair all Makes
We can get your hearing aid repaired quickly at a reasonable cost and give you a loaner hearing aid to use until yours comes back.

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Hearing Instrument Specialist

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Client Testimonials:

Dear Dinah:

I can’t believe the difference in my hearing, and my increased efficiency at work since I purchased the new electronic Starkey Hearing aids with the additional advantage of the Surf Link electronic control system!

I am hearing things I haven’t heard since I was a child, and I have gotten numerous compliments from my co-workers on my increased ability to communicate with them. The Surf Link controller is a fantastic addition to the hearing aids themselves since I am able to move it into locations during meetings for better hearing quality, and increase the volume for those times when I cannot sit close to the presenter of a presentation.

My favorite feature of all is the Blue Tooth capability which allows me to hear phone conversations directly from my hearing aids. With the Surf Link, I am able to have hands free, safe phone conversations in any vehicle that I drive.

I am extremely happy with the fantastic service and technical support that I have received from Sutter Hearing Aid.


Gary Fagilde

Dinah Davis

Hearing Instrument Specialist